Today It Rained.

They say that when it pours rain, it’s really the tears of crying angels falling down on us. On a rainy day like today I was drawn to this saying. Sometimes I look at the world around me and I feel like there is pain everywhere; that there are too many people suffering and sad. So today, I joined the angels in crying.
Today we cried for the 14 year old girl that doesn’t have the emotional energy to get out of bed anymore. Today we cried for the 36 year old mom who is terrified and heartbroken and doesn’t know what to do with her daughter’s depression. Today we cried for the 22 year old man, alone this holiday season, with no living relatives. Today we cried for the four year old boy with separation anxiety, screaming and crying and clinging to mom’s jacket with anxious little fingers. Today we cried for the family, approaching the holidays that will be, for the first time, split between two homes. Today the angels and I cried for the twenty-five-year-old man who is finally proud of who he is, only to find out he has a limited amount of time left on this earth. We cried for the twenty-five-year-old woman, slowly losing a close friend to cancer. Today we cried for the eight-year-old girl who’s starting to realize that when she phones her mom on a Saturday and she doesn’t answer, it’s because she’s hung over. We cried for the 13 year old boy who looks after his three younger siblings every day after school while his parents work night shifts. Today we cried for the 15-year-old-girl who has to explain to her teachers that her dad won’t be coming to parent-teacher interviews because he’s in jail. Today, the angels and I just cried.

Maybe tomorrow will be sunnier.