My Kaleidoscope Soul

*Originally posted June 1, 2013*

I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog for a few weeks now.

Reasons that I wanted to start a blog:

  1. There are a lot of topics that I have thoughts and opinions on and I would like to share them.
  2. I need to start writing again and a blog seemed like a good platform in which to do this.
  3. Slight narcissism.

Reasons that I did not want to start a blog:

  1. Who really cares about my opinions/thoughts/life other than me?
  2. If I need to start writing again, why not do so in a private way? Say, a journal or notebook?
  3. Slight narcissism.

I still can’t say exactly why I chose to start a blog but, alas, here I am. What will you find here? Thoughts on hot topics, thoughts on seemingly insignificant topics, commentary on my weight loss journey and healthy lifestyle changes, entries about change, and dabblings in various other pools of opportunity.

Why a “kaleidoscope soul”? I love music of all types and Sara Bareilles has a wonderful album entitled, “Kaleidoscope Heart”. In one of the songs on the album she sings, “Jump start my kaleidoscope heart, love to watch the colours fade. They may not make sense, but they sure as hell make me.” I love, love, love those lines because I think they create a wonderful image of colliding colours, all jumbled up in a beautiful clutter. None of the colours go together but they all belong beside one another and intertwined. The more I look into myself and learn about myself, the more I realize that my soul, the core of my being, is filled with opposite colours sitting side by side. I hope that through this blog I get to discover even more colours and see how they each fit into my kaleidoscope soul.


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